Need some help? Maybe the answer is here.

I am old/young/happy/sad/sane/crazy/shy/exuberant and little/tall/fit/big/male/female/undefined. Do you really think I can learn French?

I have never successfully learned a foreign language. Can I succeed?

I already know some French words. Should I be proud of this?

I don't know a word of French. Will your service be useful for me?

The answer is 42, isn't it?

Will you read what I write to you?

I am not very good at it. Can I write to you in French?

Do you think Toulouse is a good choice of city if I want to come to France?


I want a magic trick to learn French and become immediately fluent. Do you sell one for $.....?

Do I need to live in France to learn French?

w8 can u read whn I write 2 u like this?

If I put a link to your website on my website, will you definitely reciprocate?

I want my product/service to appear on your useful resources page. Can I send you money? Can I give you something? Can I buy your soul?


The podcast is only in French. How can I understand it?

Do your best to understand what we are saying. After having tried, read the French transcription. Finally, you can read the English translation available side-by-side with the transcription. Remember: you will learn French by listening to French, not by listening to us speaking in English about the French language. This is why we concentrate on speaking French.

Can I distribute your podcast to my friends?

It is better to tell them we can help them learn French so they can come to our website whenever they want. And when they want to become (free or paying) members, they can do so. Our podcast is copyrighted.

Is your podcast available on iTunes?

Yes, free of charge. It is named "Native French Speech Podcast". Click the following link to access it on iTunes: GO.

What do I need to be a Free member?

You need a valid email address to be a Free member. That's all.

Do I need a PayPal account to be a paying member?

Yes, you need a free PayPal account to be a paying (Standard or Super) member because PayPal handles the monthly payment. However, you don't need a PayPal account to be a Free member.

How do I choose an image for my account?

Go to Account -> Settings. Then at the bottom of the "Update your profile" page you will find a link to create or change your profile image on gravatar.com

What is SRS?

Spaced Repetition learning System. This is the best tool available for you to learn a language and much more. You have a set of online flashcards. The software asks you the answer to a question on each card many times but with time between repetitions. The time is computed by an algorithm so that you see a card before you will have forgotten the answer. The best thing to do is to try out the tool.

Which software?

We use Anki. It is powerful. You can add audio, video and pictures to cards. We tried other software and we think it is the best one.

With Super membership I have SRS data. How do I use it?

Download the zip file. Unzip it. Use the set of flashcards with Anki.

Where do I click to log in?

On the navigation bar you will find “Sign in”. Click on it, then type in your email address and password.

I cannot find how to access the PDF files, how could I do it?

First check that you are logged in as a member. Then go on the articles page. There you find all podcast episodes. On each episode post, there are some icons for the MP3, OGG, PDF and TXT files. Right-click on the corresponding link to save the PDF file. If you use the Google Chrome web browser, and if you cannot open PDF files, you can try that: 1. Type chrome://plugins/ in the address bar to see Chrome's Plugins page 2. Disable the Chrome PDF Viewer by clicking on "Disable" 3. Now when you click on the PDF icon, it should save the PDF file.

When I open a .txt file, accented letters are not displayed correctly. I see some "é", "ù", "è", "ç", "â€", "ê"...

To see the text with accented letters, your web browser has to read it as an UTF-8 encoded file. In your web browser, you can try: View > Text encoding > UTF-8.

I found a spelling error, a grammar horror, an awful mistake. Who should I blame?

We are humans. We make errors even in our native language, French. If you find an error, contact us and politely inform us. We will happily make corrections.

Something is not displaying well on my screen: some text is floating around, text is written over text, and pictures are cut. What is the reason for that?

We try to make our website work in a lot of web browsers. We use a good WordPress theme to ensure compliance with many browsers. Try to update your browser, try installing a new browser. If it is still weird, contact us.

An audio file is not playing well, what should I do?

Try downloading it again. If you still have a problem, contact us and tell us which file is not functioning correctly.

I feel bad today. What can I do?

You can go for a walk, sleep, eat good food, talk with friends, or read a good book. Aren’t you perhaps over-thinking? Remember life is good too.

How many people are managing Native French Speech?

We are a core team of 4 people. Our company is named NATIVE-LIKE.

Where do you live?

We live in Paris, France.

Any job for me?

At this time, perhaps as a freelancer but not for a full-time job. Later we will take on people to do amazing work with us. When? Don’t know. If you have a long term vision of your life you can contact us.

What software do you use?

We use Audacity for audio, Google Chrome for browser, Google Apps for emails and sometimes Minecraft for minerals.

What do you use for this website?

This website is done with Ruby on Rails and Javascript. It is hosted on Linode.

What computer do you use?

We use a MacBook Pro. Love it.

What microphone do you use?

It is a Blue Yeti Micro USB.

Which books would you recommend?

In no specific order:
  • "Le Petit Prince"
  • "The Magic of Thinking Big" by David J. Schwartz
  • "Rework" by Jason Fried and David Heinemeier Hansson
  • "Anything you want" by Derek Sivers
  • "Le Cordon Bleu's Complete Cooking Techniques" by Jeni Wright
  • "The Millionaire Course: A Visionary Plan for Creating the Life of Your Dreams" by Marc Allen
  • "The Tipping Point: How Little Things Can Make a Big Difference" by Malcolm Gladwell

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