Useful resources

On this page you will find a list of useful resources available on the Internet to learn French. Websites, books... Check them to get access to French text, audio files and videos. The more you are in contact with French language, the more you will learn.

Some of these resources are totally free. We put a [FREE] tag. Some have a free part and a paying part (as Native French Speech). We put a [free] tag.

Here we go!

Learn French

[FREE] Le Conjugueur, to conjugate French verbs. Very useful for French people!

[FREE] Dictionnaire de français Littré, reference French dictionary

[FREE] WordReference, French-English online dictionary

[FREE but so many ads] Larousse, monolingual French online dictionary

[FREE] Grand dictionnaire terminologique, a lot of technical words

[FREE] TLFi dictionary, click "Entrez dans le TLF", full explanations in French including examples of use

[FREE] explanations on French conjugation, on a blog of a French teacher

[FREE] EspaceFrançais.com, French grammar lessons

[FREE] French grammar, conjugation and punctuation

French news

[FREE] RFI, including "Le journal en français facile"

[free recent articles] Le Monde and Le Figaro, 2 most famous newspapers

French people natural writing

[FREE] Yahoo Questions Réponses

About France

[FREE] Civilisation française, many articles, photos and audio files

[FREE] French Moments blog, many articles about French culture

[FREE] Je dis, tu dis, il dit, nous disons…, articles, audio files and videos about France and French language

[FREE] Resources for First-Time French Speakers, various and interesting resources with explanations

Products from France

Epicuriens de France, many beautiful and good things

Learn French

Bescherelle, La conjugaison pour tous, how to conjugate all French verbs

Dictionnaire visuel français et anglais, a picture can be useful!

Read French novels

La carte et le territoire, Goncourt Prize 2010. We read it and enjoyed it

L'art français de la guerre, Goncourt Prize 2011. Interesting book, quite difficult to read (see our episode 13)

Le Petit Nicolas, fun fiction both for children and adults. A classic book.

Le Petit Prince, very famous, very beautiful

[FREE] Les Fables de La Fontaine on a website, great short stories with animals acting like humans (see also our podcast episode 43)


Plan de Paris, map of Paris with index of streets

Carte de la France, map of France

Learn French

[FREE] Poisson Rouge, hear French words by clicking elements

[FREE] Forvo, listen to the pronunciation of French words by native speakers

Everyday life

[FREE] France Bienvenue website, real conversations with transcriptions and explanations


[FREE] RMC, listen radio online, lots of radio talk shows

[FREE] Europe1, listen radio online, also lots of radio talk shows

[FREE] Podcast Radio France 

[free audio lessons] Learn French by Podcast

[free] FrenchPod101


[free] One thing in a French day

[free] News in Slow French Podcast

Audio books/conferences

[FREE] Litterature audio.com , a lot of free audiobooks in French (includes numerous classic French books to listen to)

[FREE] Listen to “Les Fables de La Fontaine” on Litterature audio.com , an example of the French audiobooks you can find on this website

Michel Onfray, Contre-Histoire de la Philosophie volume 1. It is philosophy, somehow difficult to understand. That would give you hours of listening material. And amazing material when you will understand it. There are many other volumes making it a progressive lesson of philosophy

Learn French

[FREE] TV5Monde, a global television network in French

[FREE] Netprof - French lessons

French TV

[FREE] France Télévisions, replay website

[FREE] TF1 (French TV channel), replay website

[FREE] M6 (French TV channel), replay website

Movies that almost everyone has seen in France

Le fabuleux destin d'Amélie Poulain, famous movie in Paris

La Grande Vadrouille, during WWII

Les visiteurs, what can happen when medieval people jump into modern times?

Bienvenue chez les Ch'tis, a French comedy film in northern France

The Artist, a French romantic black-and-white silent film, won five Oscars

Some other movies

Le monocle rit jaune, a spy comedy in the 60’s

Le Corniaud, an old comedy film

L’aile ou la cuisse, an old comedy film with high cuisine, in the 70’s

Les Choristes, a French drama film about children in a boarding institution

Entre les murs, a French drama film which received the Palme d’Or at the 2008 Cannes Film Festival (see also our podcast episode 40 “Le Festival de Cannes”)

Live news broadcast

[FREE] iTele, includes TV commercials for you to see how TV commercials are the same everywhere

Music (Audio)

[FREE] Juan Chante, songs with lyrics

CD Georges Moustaki, sings slowly

CD Jacques Brel

CD Cœur de Pirate, more modern

[FREE] French Pops website, lyrics and videos of many French songs

Music (Video)

[FREE] Georges Brassens’ songs , videos and lyrics with English translation (see also our podcast episode 39)

[FREE] La Chanson Du Dimanche , a French musical group who puts you in a good mood

About France

[FREE] Online Travel France, in English, a collection of travel notes on Paris, France and French traditions

[FREE] Wikipedia list of the most popular songs in France

Midnight in Paris, a movie in English, a romantic comedy in Paris